MCProHosting is a game service provider (GSP), giving customers an easy way to set up a multiplayer server for various games and play with their friends. As the name alludes, the company was originally based around Minecraft, and at the time they were the largest Minecraft GSP.

I was hired as the first engineer on MCProHosting a couple months after selling my own GSP. Shortly afterwards, Mark, Jamy, and Luca joined the engineering team.

Our initial focus was on revamping MCPH's e-commerce system and control panel. It was previously using lightly-customized off-the-shelf software. We improved the checkout flow and added features to the control panel, including the addition of a custom daemon that added additional control features for customers. Revenue more than doubled in the months following these improvements.

By the fall of 2014, work on MCPH itself was wrapping up. We spun off Mixer, which would be my focus for the following five years.